About Us


The Albuquerque Community Writing Center (ABQCWC) is an all-volunteer organization. We train our staff not as editors or experts in any particular field of writing but as writing coaches who support writers in further developing their own inherent expertise.


ABQCWC believes everyone is a writer, whether or not they identify as one. Effective writing enriches our lives personally, socially, professionally and civically; therefore the ability to write effectively is not just a luxury but a basic necessity for all citizens of a working democracy.

When it comes to writing, there’s no such thing as perfection; everyone has room to grow. Regardless of your educational background or socio-economic standing, or whether you’re writing for fun or profit, to publish or share with friends and family, to get a job or earn your next promotion, to win a grant or tell an elected official what’s on your mind, we are here to serve you.

We believe our clients are the experts, & our goal is not to teach our clients how to be better writers but to support them in further developing their own inherent expertise.


WE LISTEN to your plans and concerns about your writing project in order to tailor our consultation to your individual writing needs.

WE ASK questions that lead you to your own discoveries.

WE RECOMMEND focusing on two or three concerns about your writing project in order of importance.

WE ASSIST you in identifying & understanding relevant & useful writing practices & resources.

WE EMPOWER you to become a more well-informed, self-confident, & self-reliant writer.


WE DO NOT EDIT your writing project for you, but we will assist you in identifying errors & understanding how to avoid & correct them.

WE DO NOT DICTATE what or how you should write, but we will help you plan your writing project & navigate the constraints of genre.

WE DO NOT OVERLOAD you with information & advice, but we will provide you with the guidance you need to improve as a writer, several skills at a time.

WE DO NOT OFFER LEGAL ADVICE because we are not attorneys, but we will inform you of more appropriate community resources at your disposal.